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Welcome Pack: Working on Boats Moored at the Marina Docks

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Working on Boats Moored at the Marina Docks

We would like to remind our guests that the marina regulations, especially articles 30 and 32 prohibit any repairs to the boats while on the docks, especially repainting, sanding, varnish, welding, wood working etc. without specific consent of the management.

Not only can this cause annoyance to your neighbors, such as dust, smell and noise, but it is a potential safety hazard and totally prohibited by the authorities. This type of maintenance and repair has to be carried out in the yard area, at the yard's dock, or in a specific area designated by the management.

To comply with articles 6, 21, 23, 24, and 69 of the marina regulations, and to improve the general security of the marina, no outside contractor of any kind will be granted access to the marina without first registering with the management in accordance with the regulations. Once the registration is complete, the access to the marina will be reviewed for each individual job, and if appropriate, the contractor will be granted access to carry out that specific job. There will be no exception to this rule.

We recommend that you check for fair prices with our office, especially for unskilled labor.

In the case of jobs contracted through the yard operator, Bahia Redonda Yacht Services, the client should be aware that on top of the direct labor cost the yard will charge an additional percentage to cover operational costs. This amount will be included in the quote and not shown separately.

Please read the relevant articles of the marina regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.

The list of workers can be obtained at the marina office.

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