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Welcome Pack: Summary of the Marina Regulations

Welcome Notice Regulations Precautions Useful Phrases Working on Boats
A selection of the most important clauses

Art 3. "The operator" is the company which offers services for dockage, berth right of use, maintenance, repairs, workshops for repairs etc. and everything associated with the activities of a marina.

Art 5. On Arrival the owner or his representative of every boat must give a copy of all the ship and crew papers to the Marina administration office. Periodically these papers must be up dated.

Art 6. The Marina Operator reserves the right of admission at all times.

Art 7. Maximum boat speed within the Marina area is limited to 4 knots and, in any case, care must be taken to prevent accidents and wake.

Art 9. When a boat leaves the Marina all papers must be cleared with the Marina office and the authorities. (ZARPE)

Art 10. All boats will be berthed or anchored in such a way so as not to cause any inconvenience or damage to others. Every captain or owner is personally responsible for checking that the slip and services are compatible with his boat.

Art 13. The Marina Operator is not responsible or liable for any accidents or damage caused by mooring, anchoring or any other boat maneuvers. Everyone entering the Marina does so at their own risk.

Art 17. Boats will be berthed or moored in such a way that neither the boat nor its equipment obstructs the dock, the fairways or access channels. The slip assigned has a finite size and no part of the boat or its equipment can extend beyond the limits of the slips. Dinghies are not permitted alongside

Art 18. All berths, slips and parking places must be assigned by the Marina Operator.

Art 20. Any person requesting entry to the Marina is required to produce adequate identification either a passport or ID card at the security gate. Courtesy passes can be issued to boat owner's social guests allowing them access to the docks. The operator will issue an identification credential to approved workers who have been granted access to the marina.

Art 21. In the case of employees or contracted persons of the boat owner, or any other person who is intending to do any work aboard a boat, they will present the following documents for the possible authorization to carry out the work by the Marina Manager:
A written authorization from the boat owner to do the job;
A precise description of work proposed and estimated time to complete the job.
If the job is authorized by the Manager, the permitted work description will be kept on file.

Art 22. The Marina Operator maintains a 24-hour security system. However, the Marina Operator is not liable or responsible for damages, accidents to third persons, marina users, their boats, families, passengers, crew or guest. Neither is the Marina responsible for damages to, or theft of boats, their equipment and/or accessories aboard, or on the docks or in any other part of the Marina.

Art 23. All boats must have an insurance policy to cover third party risks, and any damages that may be caused by the boat, its equipment, accessories, the owner, his guests, his crew, or any other persons contracted to the boat. This includes casual labor if they don't have their own policy.

Art 24. All the clients are required to advise the Manager in writing, the name, ID number and address of any worker or employee under his charge having reason to be in the marina installations. In addition a photocopy of the CI, the date and place of birth, wife's and children's names and telephone number or any other person who should be advised in case of an emergency. All authorized contractors and workers shall provide the same information. All this information shall be registered in the office and a log book kept.

Art 26. All boats in the Marina must have the entire legally required emergency and safety equipment in good working order at all times.

Art 27. Each boat must have radio equipment in good working order and should check it before sailing.

Art 28. Under emergency conditions (when deemed by the Marina Operator), every boat must have a responsible, knowledgeable person aboard for security.

Art 29. Water and electrical connections must be authorized by the Marina Operator. It is prohibited to open the electrical power post except by the Marina staff.

Art 30. All mechanical repairs, general repairs, exterior painting, removal of machinery or equipment from the boats, or any similar activity is prohibited outside the dedicated work areas (Yard and Yard dock) except by written consent of the Marina Manager.

Art 31. Access to the yard area is totally prohibited to anyone who does not have written permission from the Manager.

Art 32. Maintenance and minor repairs, such as interior painting, can only be done in the Marina with written authorization by the Manager, and providing there is no annoyance caused to anyone else in the Marina or Condominium. All other major repairs and maintenance, including exterior painting can only be carried out in the yard area.

Art 36. It is prohibited to discharge overboard, off load or transfers any type of fuel, lubricant or other non-biodegradable material including detergents and soaps.

Art 39. All boat owners or captains are responsible for checking that electrical shore connections are correctly wired and installed to prevent damage to the electrical equipment on board, and the Marina electrical system. In the interest of safety, all electrical equipment and the gas system should be shut off when there is nobody on board. The Marina requires that the use of electrical services should be in strict accordance with accepted safety standards.

Art 41. The Marina Operator is not responsible for the continuity or voltage fluctuation of the electrical power supply, nor the continuity or quality of other public services such as water, telephone, and cable TV. The Marina Operator in the same way is not responsible for any damages to the boats or their equipment caused by:
  1. High or low water pressure,
  2. Blackouts or voltage variations,
  3. Any other fault or deficiency in the services
The Marina Operator is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by the tide ground swell, storms or other natural phenomena.

Art 42. The Marina Operator is not responsible for vehicles parked at the Marina.

Art 43. The owner or captain will be held responsible for any damage caused to the Marina installations by his boat, crew or guests.

Art 51. The Marina users are responsible for keeping the dock and water area adjacent to their boats free of debris and garbage. The use of on board toilets which discharge overboard is strictly prohibited. Toilet systems with holding tanks or treatment plants may be used by permission of the Marina Operator. All others may be sealed off while the boat stays in the Marina

Art 53. It is prohibited to leave any kind of equipment on the docks, walkways, roads, parking areas etc, without permission in writing, from the Marina Operator. Equipment left on deck is at the owner's exclusive responsibility.

Art 55. It is prohibited to screw, nail or stick any objects, paper, or advertising to any part of the Marina installations, without prior written permission from the Marina Operator.

Art 58. It is prohibited to bring into Venezuela any animal without previously notifying the authorities. Article 8 of the "Reglamento Profilático de la Rabia (rabies)" may well apply to any dog or cat on board.

Art 60. The Marina requires that all pets should be kept under control at all times and in the case of a dog, must be on a leash when on shore in the Marina, no animals are permitted within the pool area.

Art 61. Any person who allows their pet to foul the docks, roads, walkways or any other similar areas in the Marina will be required to remove the excrement.

Art 62. Garbage must be placed in sealed plastic bags and put in the bins provided. Oils and other inflammable or contaminating liquids must be placed only in specifically designated containers.

Art 64. It is prohibited to cause any annoyance to any other person in the marina. This includes throwing waste or refuse in the water or on the dock, using televisions, radios, sound equipment or any similar device with a volume that can cause annoyance to the neighbors. The use of electric power tolls or other equipment is prohibited if it causes any annoyance, especially noise, dust or smell.

Art 65. Anybody under age must he accompanied by a responsible adult while in the Marina.

Art 68. All commercial activity or services offered in the marina are prohibited except with the written consent of the Marina Operator.

Art 69. The Marina Operator will take sanctions against violators of the Marina Regulations, and in the case of severe or repeated incidences will expel the offenders, prohibiting their future entrance.

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