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Wireless-G USB Network Adapter
Wireless-G Access Point
An Internet Cafe on board your yacht.
The service

Bahia Redonda is pleased to announce the availability of Wireless Internet Service at the marina for all our clients.

Any user with the appropriate equipment who is within range of the marina's Wi-Fi hotspot can access the wireless web page, request Internet service, check their wireless status, and check/enter items in the calendar of events without charge.

However, to access the Internet, you MUST be a registered and approved user. Why register?
  • You can't use the Internet without registering.
  • Registration allows us to restrict unqualified users who will steal bandwidth and slow down YOUR connection.
  • Registration allows us to quickly identify and repair computers with virus problems that are slowing down themselves and the network or attempting "dangerous" connections to sites without their owners knowledge.
Online help

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the Wireless Internet Service, please contact the marina office.


If you don't need or want 24/7 connection to the Internet you can use one of the three Internet Cafes available in the marina.

For more information, please contact the marina manager.

The equipment

We are using 802.11g which is 54 Megabit/sec, however 802.11b interface cards at 11 Megabit/second also work.

We strongly recommend USB based wireless adapters due to their larger antennas and ability to be placed outside the boat. Even though we are running huge amounts of power in our base, it won't penetrate 3 feet of water to get to your internal card if it is below the waterline. Throw a USB adapter on deck and you are in fat city.

We also suggest a USB extension cord so you can be more than 7 feet away from the antenna while you are using it.

We also recommended that your bring this equipment with you as it is not currently available locally. We recommend the Linksys Wireless A/G USB Network Adapter, this adapter will work with any of the other wireless systems in the Caribbean.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot is a state-of-the-art high speed, high power service with a 54 Megabit data rate and 500 milliwatts of power. A 768 Kilobit pipeline connects users to the Internet via CANTV, the local ISP. A hardware firewall blocks incoming probes from hackers on the Internet. Virus and adware protection is NOT done by the firewall.

Register your Computer

As soon as you are in range of the Bahia Redonda Wi-Fi hotspot, access the wireless web page to register your computer.


George Laggis on board s/v Pyewacket and Deanna Hoops on board s/v Windswept have been instrumental in the creation of this state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Hotspot and Bahia Redonda Marina Internacional thanks them in their own name and in the name of all their fellow cruiser who can now take advantage of this service.

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