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Explore Venezuela

Bahia Redonda is the ideal base to explore Venezuela from.

This is not a comprehensive guide by any means. Our aim is to provide links to the web sites of the many attractions available in Venezuela so that each one can explain its charms with its own words and pictures. Enjoy the virtual trip and then come and visit.

Local activities:

Golf Course
Aerial view of
El Morro Tourist Complex

Plaza Mayor Shopping Mall
Plaza Mayor
Shopping Mall

Golf Course
9 hole
golf course
There is plenty to do in Puerto La Cruz.

Every morning, Monday through Saturday at 7:45 AM, you can tune in to the local Net on VHF channel 72 to find out about the latest local news, and events.

On Monday evenings Bahia Redonda hosts a local cook out. Bring something for yourself and something to share.

Canal Sketch Chart
In the vecinity of Bahia Redonda, just a short dinghy ride away, you have at your disposal several top notch supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and a variety of shops and services. Unicasa, the anchor supermarket at the Plaza Mayor shopping mall is a 10 minute dinghy ride up the canal. They will bring your groceries right to your dinghy!

On the way to the Plaza Mayor shopping mall you'll pass by the 18 hole golf course shown in the picture to the right.

Our webmaster is very busy building a directory for the Barcelona, Guanta, Puerto la Cruz area. While it is in its very early stages, you can already find information about hotels, taxis, airlines, buses and more at

By sea:

Located next to the Mochima National Park which reaches from the Morro de Barcelona all the way to Cumaná, you have a very extensive area ideal for day sailing with good beaches and diving spots. Mochima National Park

Further out you have Margarita (60 miles), Tortuga (60 miles) and Los Roques (120 miles).

The Insiders' Gulf of Cariaco
by Diane St.-Hilaire and Claude Bérubé, Caribbean. Compass

By land or air:

Some of the preferred destinations include Canaima, the home Angel Falls, the world's tallest waterfall that drops down from the top of a tepuy (mesa).

If you like caves, then Cueva del Guacharo should be on your itinerary. Jules Verne wrote about the place in his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Would you believe it that you can find snow in Venezuela? The State of Mérida in western Venezuela is a beloved vacation place. Pico Bolivar at over 5,000 meters (15,000 feet) is the highest peak in Venezuela. You can visit Pico Espejo by cable car.

Colonia Tovar is a small German town in central Venezuela founded in 1843, with a group of more than 370 German settlers from the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), in the Great Dukedom of Baden.

red-billed scythebill
If bird watching is your delight then please visit these fabulous sites: Birdwatching in Venezuela with Geodyssey and

For a rather complete description of our country, visit this Eco Portal web site. In the Puerto La Cruz area you will find many tour operators who can arrange the ideal tour for you.

A Trek in the Andes by Rosemarie Alecio, Caribbean Compass

Traveler's Companion Venezuela
If you are planning on exploring the country you might want to bring along Dominic Hamilton's Traveler's Companion Venezuela (Traveler's Companion Series)

Hamilton, a British journalist who has lived in Venezuela for almost a decade, has the inside scoop and shares the country's glories enthusiastically. Dubbed "Paradise on Earth" by Columbus himself, Venezuela still lives up to its nickname. Hamilton describes its "top spots" with a string of superlatives--Venezuela is home to the world's highest waterfall (Angel Falls), more bird species than in North America and Europe put together, the longest and highest cable car in the world, and more Caribbean coast than any other country in the region.

Venezuela's Great Outdoors by Dominic Hamilton.

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